Just call +36308174112 or write a mail to Nora !

Explain all your details and requestment, and he will call back you within 24 hours with an estimate, the closest available appointment times, accommodation options and the actual ongoing events in Budapest.

 If you prefer to have a comprehensive estimate online, you will need to send us your panoramic X-ray what we would immediately forward to our dental surgery in Budapest. Most dental surgeries in the UK have the facility to take panoramic X-ray. The X-ray usually costs between £ 20-40.

If you need help, we are happy to provide you a list of you local dental surgeries that can assist you. Once we received your Panoramic X-ray, we will send it to Hungary. It is also nescessary some pictures taken from your teeth. It can you take easily with a mobile, or any digital camera. These pictures you can send via MMS to the number above, or e-mail. Our team in Budapest will get back to us with a comprehensive quote within 24 hours.

We will contact you immediately and provide you with detailed information on the schedule of the necessary dental work and the estimated costs. If you prefer to discuss your requirements with our dentist, we will arrange a free consultation for you in our dental surgery in Budapest. This would only take a one day visit. You could return the same day to the UK, without having to book accommodation in Budapest. 

Our driver would pick you up from the Budapest airport, take you to the surgery and drive you back to the airport so you could still catch your same day flight. This consultation covers your phisycal examination, intra and extraoral X-ray pics, impression studys. Don't covers 3D cone beam CT and any digital 3D remodelling.

On-line bejelentkezés

Our colleague will confirm the date in email or by phone as soon as possible.

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