The pricelist depicts the most complex processes and shows the different prices for each one. The detailed pricelist is available here. Prices here serve as a guideline, for the exact costs and benefits, please ask your dentist before beginning treatment.



Crowns are created in such a situation where the tooth is too damaged and it’s no longer possible to fill. In that timeframe, we can pull over it a cap and that will be the crown. The adjacent teeth do not need to be touched. The crown can be made of metal and is then coated in porcelain-veneered, or in a metal-free material such as zirconia.

Prices for the main types of crowns:

Metal Ceramic Crown: € 230
Inlays, onlays Vitablock Ceramics:  € 409
Zirconium-based metal-free crown: € 409



Most missing teeth are replaced with bridges. The crown is fastened to the neighboring teeth and this holds the new tooth in place:

A bridge replacement of missing teeth:

3-membered metal-ceramic bridge: € 690
3-member-gold ceramic bridge approx.: approx € 1500
3-membered metal-free zirconium bridge: € 1227



The latest prosthetic procedure, during which into the missing tooth’s position a synthetic root (implant) is inserted. After a certain time the implant head is inserted (abutment) and then onto the crown. The implant and the head are made of titanium or zirconium. The insertion of an implant into every damaged tooth is not needed. The implants can hold in place bridges or even a removable prosthesis.

Implant prices:

Dr. Ihde Swiss implants  € 682
Straumann Roxolid Lifetime warranty: standard head: € 1365

Straumann pure ceramic implant € 2050


Root canal treatment

If the hole in the tooth is too large, then the nerves, which are situated in the middle of the tooth as well as in the roots, are exposed, which can be very painful. In such case the root canal treatment is advised to clean the channel and to fill up the holes.

In most cases, the root canal treatment is composed of three steps:

1. The canal is opened leading to the root and is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and prepared for an eventual closing treatment involving medication.

Trepanasies prices:
1 root: € 50
Twin-rooted tooth: € 90 
Three-rooted tooth:  € 160 

2. The second step is the final filling of the channels, of the root canal. The crown will be filled

Root canal treatment prices:
1 root: € 100
Twin-rooted tooth: € 190 
Three-rooted tooth: € 300

3. The final treatment of the tooth. In an optimal situation this means an implant. The filling has a high chance of breaking of on one of the side walls within a few years

Final threatment:
Filling: from € 108

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